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Dreamtime to nurture an active, ongoing relationship with your soul – making its wise counsel available to you every day.A real dreamer is always hunting his power. He goes out every night, like a hunter with a net, to stalk and catch dreams. The more dreams he catches and brings home alive, the more powerful he becomes. Dreams are a powerful gateway to our healing and growth.

All of these exciting, life-transforming possibilities are accessible to you if you learn to engage more advanced practices of dreaming from a master guide.

In this two days workshop, learn to tap into your dreams and to find ways to bring their guidance and magic into the waking world. This power is there in the night – in the dreams we may or may not remember – and it is all around us in waking life, speaking to us in the manner of dreams when we pay attention.

In this hands on and engaging workshop, we will cover:





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